HARVEST 2.0 participants with AgriStart’s Tash Ayers and Peter Rossdeutscher

HARVEST 2.0 participants with AgriStart’s Tash Ayers and Peter Rossdeutscher

The HARVEST 2.0 Accelerator programs target late-stage start-ups and SMEs looking to scale their business, attract investment, develop new networks and partnerships or explore new export markets. Participants will be mentored by expert growth facilitators who have high level expertise in corporate innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, agriculture and research connections. HARVEST 2.0 features two programs - the HARVEST Agtech Accelerator Program based in Perth and the HARVEST Residential Intensive Program based at the Muresk Institute.

Both programs are aimed at accelerating participants to advance their business. Participants will learn about:

  • Positioning for growth, including business modelling and strategic expansion planning

  • New Technology for ag, including field trips, tech partnerships and the grower business case

  • Increasing income through capital raising strategies and investor readiness

  • Export market pathways and introductions to international markets

  • Pitch coaching & media training, culminating in the the final Demo Day




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Harvest Intensive is a fantastic course; I have learnt more during the course than I have in 13 years working within a Corporate SME. Personally, the intensive course was a great format with the 1-week live in. The other businesses were a great bunch of people.

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C4D Intel has grown into an innovation leader dedicated to providing cost effective spatial and temporal data acquisition, advanced data processing and analytics across a diverse number of industries. We capture precision data for survey, inspection and 3D modelling purposes from both unmanned aircraft and from terrestrial based cameras and scanners. 



Farmfolk is a marketplace for agricultural learning experiences and employment. We make it easier than ever for anyone to post and promote agricultural learning experiences and job opportunities online. Farmfolk users can search for peer reviewed learning experiences to match their interests and skill level. We have a network of hosts all around Australia who offer farm tours, hands on workshops, internships, courses and incubator programs. 



Good Earth Dairy’s mission is to create a sustainable, ethical agricultural industry of pure Australian camel milk within a thriving market. The team at Good Earth Dairy are endeavouring on being the lowest cost producer with a premium quality. Good Earth Dairy has developed IP through the entire supply chain of camel milk production to enable low cost per litre production and a quickly scalable model. 


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Intuit Earth Pty Ltd is developing profitable mechanisms that incentivise a broad base of actors adding value to regenerative farming. We provide education and training in Regenerative Agriculture and rigorously verified trusted carbon and biodiversity offset products to enable business and Government to meet their international carbon reduction targets. 



Latitude 28 is an Australian beef and lamb exporter that has developed a business model and product offering to rapidly capture the growing protein demand of China and South East Asia. L28’s objective is to merge the worlds of big data, social media marketing, the Chinese online delivery revolution, close loop block chain technology, forensic tracer packaging and high-tech supply chain innovation. 



Mirreco is helping build the world-wide hemp industry from the ground up with our revolutionary, cutting-edge hemp processing technology to create fully sustainable “off the grid” building solutions. Our Vertically Integrated Business Innovation for Green Gains embraces Carbon, Technology, Produce, Construct, Research & Development and Hemp. MIRRECO CAST (Carbon Asset Storage Technology) is globally scalable, cost effective, above ground carbon storage and utilisation. 


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Mote Net develops easy-to-use, labour-saving technology for farmers, using long-range wireless data collection from on-farm sensors. These sensors include those for farm security, water level measurement and livestock and asset GPS tracking. The system aims to provide farmers with time and money savings, improved farm security and peace of mind. 



Oceanwise’s cloud-based platform was developed to overcome the constraints of managing ecological projects for monitoring the health of plant and animal populations across vast spatial and temporal scales. The platform can be utilised by individual farmers, local initiatives, regional projects and national programs. Our company currently runs projects on weeds in the Pilbara, marine resources in the Gascoyne, fisheries in Indonesia and rehabilitating corals in Fiji.



Our high-resolution aerial imaging provides powerful insight to remove yield-limiting factors, and can be utilised by farmers/growers, agronomists, consultants and researchers over all agricultural sectors, including broad acre, viticulture, horticulture and livestock. Our precision ag solutions enable farmers to effectively scout their fields so that they can evaluate and respond to crop stress and field health indicators to get the most out of every acre. 



APIS Industries built a complete hive to plate enterprise, including all the equipment, processing, packaging and sales. We quickly realised that there were opportunities to involve technology in making our practices more efficient and this may be appealing to others in our industry. WA Pure Honey was created as our first portfolio of bee produced products - raw, natural, unheated honey from one of the most remote and clean places on earth. It takes 12 bees their entire lifetime to make a teaspoon of honey- lucky we have a few bees!! 





ORTrack is the culmination of nearly 30 years R&D targeted at addressing the increasing problems associated with conventional farming methods. Initially targeting weed control, ORTrack addresses a number of increasingly important issues including herbicide residence in weeds, chemical residues in produce, soil degradation and increasing costs of production.   

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Black Sheep Engineering’s devices assist farmers in their everyday operations, improving time efficiency, decision making and farm security. The first product under development will help reduce time spent on a repetitive task, reduce the exposure to a hazard and increase farm security.


We are family owned and operated and we don’t run our orchard text book style. We do a minimum of sprays, no pesticide and tree ripen the fruit before picking. It does mean that we have a short time to get the ripe fruit off but the taste and flavour of the fruit is reward enough. We offer fresh apricots to the everyday person directly, supply to shops locally, supply 3rd grade for further processing and the excess are sent to Canningvale markets.


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Indigenous Aquaculture Ventures is a socially entrepreneurial enterprise assisting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities establish viable aquaculture operations from a financing and business perspective.  Once established, the service will be rolled out to all Australians and extended into agriculture also.  Aquaculture is a young industry with massive economic potential due to increasing population growth, declining wild-harvest fish stocks and the absolute need for sustainability - not just in terms of fish stocks but the viability of aquaculture operations themselves due to a lack of core financing options and business acumen.


Livestock producers have seen very little, if any, of the advancements seen in the grain production side of their businesses from a marketing and risk management perspective. Livestock Pricing is a price discovery service that will give the market a level of information that is currently non-existent, improve relationships between buyers and sellers and increase market access for all participants.  


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The project, “Flexible Farming Systems” hosted by MADFIG and funded through the State Governments Ag Innovation Fund has developed a farm business decision tool to assist growers to manage risk, particularly in terms of seasonal and market volatility, as well as scenario planning for investment opportunities. We want to move the farm business decision tool into an on-line product. MADFIG and LA.ONE are keen to investigate product and market development particularly in the ag-tech space. The tool will empower growers with decision making and risk management, improving industry resilience.


 with thanks to our program partners and sponsors