AgriStart lead CBH Innovation Workshops

Potential process efficiencies were identified via the recent CBH Group innovation workshop run by AgriStart. 

The first of CBH’s innovation workshops, the outcomes of this internal innovation hackathon were solutions with the potential to not only solve specific internal challenges but also reduce operational risks, raise employee satisfaction and ultimately contribute to creating value for WA growers.

The two-day hackathon style workshop included CBH employees from a cross-section of the organisation in Western Australia. CBH employees worked in teams to develop solutions using design thinking, creative problem solving and lean business modelling. 

The program culminated in the teams pitching their solutions to the CBH General Manager of People, Technology and Innovation for support to advance to the next stage of the innovation ideas process.

Held at TechHub in Perth, the program was developed and delivered by strategic innovation experts Dr Natasha Ayers and Adjunct Professor Peter Rossdeutscher. Natasha commented that “It was great to see CBH employees so enthusiastic about using new and innovative approaches to solving common operational problems”.

These workshops form a part of CBH’s focus on innovation tackling new and existing challenges which impact on its storage and handling service to growers. 

CBH Innovation Manager Claire Dunkley said that the workshop is a great example of how CBH can use creative problem solving to unlock innovative solutions to existing challenges.

“We hope to hope to run many more of these cross-functional innovation workshops as a way to involve employees in achieving productivity targets.”

The key outcome of the innovation workshop included the development of four strong solutions to that have the potential to improve efficiencies, while also building a culture of collaboration and innovation with employees.

“The CBH and AgriStart innovation workshop was a great success with ideas that have the potential to increase efficiencies and costs savings for CBH’s supply chain,” Ms Dunkley said.

Article originally posted by Natasha Ayers via LinkedIn 

Natasha Ayers